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Salvador Ortega

Behind the pseudonym 'Sloe' is Salvador Ortega. A young illustrator originally from Torrox (Málaga). Currently he lives in Castellón where he studied Illustration at the Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny.

He shows a great creativity at concept level, always seeking the most original way to solve his projects, creating characters is one of his strengths in a style that moves between fantasy and caricature. He uses digital and traditional techniques, sometime all together.

His digital illustrations are usually characterized by the use of polygonal forms, bright colors and photographic textures that give life and nature to his characters; he also avoids using black color for shadows achieving soft volumes. Artwork done by traditional techniques focus on more specific issues such as portrait and animal world.


Specific Training


  2012 - 2015

- Superior Technician of Art and Design in Illustration.
  EASD Castellón
Average grade: 9.10 / 10


- Digital inkjet printing specialist applied to ceramics.

  Chamber of Commerce of Castellón.

- Graphic Design course: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,

  Flash & 3DStudio.

  INN Formación.

- Scientific Illustration Workshop by Pedro Salgado.

  EASD Castellón.



- 2016 Collective exhibition: "Proyectos finales EASD 14-15". Dávalos Fletcher Foundation, Castellón.

- 2015 Virtual exhibition: "Jaume Graells digital art awards by CEINA" Illustrations gallery: Click here


- 2014 Collective exhibition: "Estudiantes de ilustración EASD Castellón". Alexandria bookstore-cafe, Castellón.


- 2013 Collective exhibition "Artistas torroxeños" Municipal theatre exhibition hall "Villa de Torrox" (Málaga).

- 2012 - Collective exhibition: "Estudiantes de ilustración EASD". Restaurant-Bar-Gallery Le Meduse, Castellón.

- 2011Collective exhibition: "Ex-arte" IES Jorge Guillén 40º anniversary. Torrox, (Málaga).